Your Vendor is your Best Friend !!!

Yes you read it right….the vendor is indeed your best friend.

But we all know Caveat Emptor and the following dialogue from Basanti in Sholay;


Well that is true too….!

In all my experiences as a vendor and as well as a customer it pays to be honest with your vendor.

For example we all have budgets for everything and in a situation like a wedding this is the most important Lakshman Rekha…

Nevertheless if you are forthright with your budget with your vendor then he is the best person to tailor make the things you expect it from him or her.

Its good if you discuss your budget for decor with your decorator then he will only show you things which can be done within that budget.

No he is not out to cheat you ,like every other business he too has certain costs and anything below that he either works;

1. For hope of future business from you.
2. Needs a chance to prove himself or her self.
3. He or she has back to back business in the same venue hence cost saved is passed on to the customer.

If none of the above then something is definitely missing a.k.a …… a complete novice!

Another problem what we have encountered is that, in the digital age where FB, Twitters and Instagrams control you or rather influence your choices, it becomes even more difficult to have a balance between you and your vendor. Most often while scouting and shortlisting random pics from the web, one tends to overlook;

1. The real cost of that decor in question.
2. The complete theme of the decor from where the picture has been shortlisted.
3. The size of the venue.
4.  The florals you see are original or artificial.
5. The picture is taken from a venue where it is a standard practice to have permanent fixtures.

The major problem with this that most often people tend to select images without knowing the true cost of the decor and more often it leads to an embarrassing situation
when your budget is X and the decor you downloaded is in reality X^10 !!!

Therefore I reiterate that it is best to let your vendor know the budget and work around it ,with him, of course in the end we all are lil flexible aren’t we???

This will not only help you in planning well but also plan well within your budget.

At the risk of being impertinent (and apologies in advance too) I make the following statement;

“ If You Pay Peanuts…..You Get Monkey’s !!! “

On second thoughts….. a more gentler way to say the above is;


Marigold Flowers…Why not? They are Bright…They are Traditional !!!

Marigold is known to the west as Mary’s Gold and for us its simply called GENDA!!!

They are bright luminous balls of yellow and orange and have been traditional favourites at Indian weddings. For us they symbolise brightness,and positve energy.
It is said that lord Vishnu and Laxmi, the ideal couple are worshipped with marigold, thus taking this symbolism forward the marigold is used as a mean of divine blessing and a prosperous life for the newly wed couple.



In my career in wedding decor I have been asked to do atleast one function (mostly its the Sagan or the Rokka) using traditional setups and making use of Genda !

Infact if you are looking at a wedding and want to use Genda…go right ahead. Its a bright flower and very easy to incorporate into decor, its looks stunning….and like the title of this post says “It’s Traditional !!!”